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Fundraiser Tips

Jo Coffee® Fundraiser Success Personal, one-to-one, presentations are by far the most successful. Below are some tips to ensure your fundraiser is a success.

Preparation and Planning: 


1. Promotional Strategies: 

·        Use Face-to-Face, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Texts & Emails to promote your unique shopping URL and ask for an order.

·        Encourage retweets and shares to widen your reach. 

·        Connect with key contacts to plan promotional activities and confirm dates. 

·        Define how individual sellers will promote the fundraiser and allocate responsibilities. 

·        Decide on social media and online marketing spaces to leverage. 

·        Designate a person or team to keep records of sales and orders.

2. Order and Payment Process: 

·        Decide whether customers will pre-pay or pay when picking up orders. 

·        Clearly communicate payment instructions. 

·        Encourage individual sellers to collect payments promptly. 

3. Product Presentation: 

·        Emphasize key features of Jo Coffee products: 

o   All Natural Chemical Free. 

o   USDA Certified Organic. 

o   Fair Trade Certified. 

o   15,000+ Positive Reviews. 

·        Encourage individual sellers to highlight these features when presenting products. 

4. Campaign Duration: 

·        Set a specific campaign period, typically 2 to 4 weeks. 

·        Focus on weekends for active promotion and direct communication. 




1. Continuous Promotion: 

·        Send frequent reminders to individual sellers. 

·        Repeat digital promotions often such as social media posts and texting. 

·        Increase awareness with take-home flyers, newsletters, and bulletin boards. 

2. Kick-Off and Goal Setting: 

·        Host a kick-off assembly to excite individual sellers. 

·        Set fundraising goals and campaign strategies. 

·        Clearly communicate the purpose and benefits of the fundraiser. 

3. Key Dates: 

·        Establish start date, last date to order, and pickup date. 

·        Announce pickup dates well in advance and reiterate them regularly. 

 After Campaign: 


1. Express Gratitude: 

·        Thank participants for their efforts. 

·        Remind them of the benefits to your organization. 

2. Customer Retention: 

·        Keep a customer list for future campaigns. 

·        Consider offering incentives for repeat customers. 

3. Evaluation: 

·        Record ideas and strategies that worked well for future reference. 

·        Evaluate the success of the fundraiser and gather feedback for improvement. 


Additional Tips: 


1. Training and Motivation: 

·        Motivate your team by highlighting the benefits to your organization. 

·        Offer incentives for top sellers and the entire team. 

·        Organize group selling events for training, to create friendly competition, and to build excitement. 

2. Scripting, Role-Playing, Asking for the Order: 

·        Prepare compelling scripts for face-to-face presentations and online promotions. (e.g. "Hey, friends! I’m selling Jo Coffee, a very popular organic coffee brand, to raise money for (cause). Jo Coffee is delicious, all-natural, chemical-free, and is also Fair Trade Certified, supporting small farmers around the world. In fact, the coffee has over 15,000 positive reviews. You can order online through this link (insert your unique shopping URL) and get your coffee through us even cheaper than on Amazon. Would you be able to support us by buying a package or two of Jo Coffee today?"

·        Conduct role-playing exercises to practice sales presentations and build confidence to ask for an order.

3. Record Keeping: 

·        Maintain accurate records of customer lists and sales data. 

·        Send thank-you messages to online customers after the campaign. 

4. Incorporate Fun: 

·        Organize campaign promotional activity days and fun events to keep spirits high. 


Remember, your dedication and enthusiasm are key to making this fundraiser a success. Thank you for choosing Jo Coffee®!