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The Jo Coffee® brand is available by single or bundled cases at wholesale prices to anyone with free shipping here on our website.

SingleCup Jo

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Our single serve coffees fit Keurig® 1.0 and 2.0 K-Cup® brewers, Our eco-friendly format means less plastic and less waste.

Bagged Jo

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We offer hand-crafted, artisan roasted USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, NON-GMO gourmet specialty bagged coffee.   

5000+ Coffee Reviews

Are you looking for highly rated certified organic K Cups® or bagged, wholesale specialty coffee, with proven consumer satisfaction?

With over 5000+ positive reviews our Jo Coffee® brand is one of Amazon's highest rated certified organic coffee brands. Not all coffee is created equal.  In today's world, consumers not only vote with their wallet but also with their online reviews. Consumers respond to high quality.

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Besides Amazon, our Jo Coffee® brand is now currently in many hundreds of independent grocery stores across the U.S. and growing. With our phenomenal success on Amazon, we strategically choose not to offer our Jo Coffee® brand to Walmart or Target, thus giving independent grocers some exclusivity.

Wholesale Programs

The Jo Coffee® brand is available in Wholesale Bundled Cases at true wholesale prices. Bundles offer the lowest cost per unit for less-than-pallet orders. Perfect for grocery stores to benefit from Direct Store Delivery seeking wider variety than available through distributors. 22 total SKU's! | Click Shop |

Single cases (Jo Six Packs) at a discounted price are also available and include free shipping. Perfect for the smaller business or personal buyer. | Click Shop |

Grocers in some markets can also order several of our SKU's through select distributors. All our SKU's can be ordered immediately from us with our DSD program. Higher volume accounts please contact us for full-pallet distributor pricing.

5 lb bulk size bag packaging is available to Jo Coffee Wholesale Accounts and come with free Jo Coffee branded signage for in-house story display. Bulk 5 lb packaging is not available to purchase from this website. Contact us to establish a wholesale account and orders will be processed through our corporate website. See more information below.


Our Jo Coffee® packaged and bulk line is USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee. We offer 12 oz. and 2 lb. retail packages (whole bean or ground) along with 5 lb. bulk packages.

Our eco-friendly filter cup technology provides far superior brewing extraction resulting in a better cup of Jo. Our cups are also better for the environment with far less packaging waste. In old-style plastic K-Cups® water is forced down in a straight line down through the plastic cup, (called tunneling) leaving the perimeter of the ground coffee inside the cup dry and under extracted. Pull the foil lid off a traditional plastic K-Cup® after brewing and you will see this for yourself.

We also produce an award winning, eco-friendly, fully recyclable hard bottom single serve cup for Keurig K-Cup® 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. This packaging format is specifically for the OCS marketplace and Hospitality in-room coffee service programs. Download the brochure below.

Our SingleCup Jo for K-Cup® brewers were the first USDA Certified Organic produced in the Midwest are also Blue Ribbon Kosher Certified. Our SingleCup Jo cups are compatible with Keurig K-Cup® brewers, including Keurig 2.0, and other single serve brewers.  

♦ Download Jo Coffee Retail Product List

Grocery Stores

For grocers, the Coffee® eye-catching package design provides certified organic coffee that customers love. Consumer response to this brand identity to buy, and our artisan quality to get them to buy again, is tremendous.  Branded weekender floor displays for promotions and bulk coffee center display dispensers are available for qualified retailers. Free poster signage is also available. We will also offer in-store coffee demo's for larger, clustered corporate DSD account clients.

♦ Download Jo Coffee Retailer Brochure DSD
♦ Download Jo Coffee Retail Product List DSD

Restaurant, Bakery & Cafe

For food service businesses such as cafes, bakeries & restaurants that want a compelling certified organic, and proven successful brand, we provide free Jo Coffee® branded signage for your in-house store display. Signage customization is available.  Both 5 lb bulk and 12 oz retail packaging are available. Visit the Wholesale Coffee section of our Specialty Java Inc. website to learn more about a Jo Coffee Wholesale Account.

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We also sell full commercial equipment lines from Rancilio & Bunn Corporation. Custom size ground portion packs to fit your specific brewing equipment can be produced for larger wholesale accounts.  Visit the Commercial Equipment section of our Specialty Java Inc. website to learn more.

OCS & Hospitality

 We are expanding our nationwide OCS/Hospitality Distributor Network offering 2 lb or 5 lb Whole Bean formats for Bean-to-Cup brewing and eco-friendly recyclable hard bottom format for Keurig K-Cup® 1.0 and 2.0 brewers packaged in 24 Cup/4 Carton Cases or 100 ct loose fill boxes. Contact us for details and pricing.

♦ Download Jo Coffee OCS DIstributor Brochure
♦ Download Jo Coffee Hospitality Distributor Brochure

Private Label Coffee

In today's competitive world, a compelling brand is critical to promote your identity and bring your customers back again and again. When your brand is tied to an exceptional underlying product, you have the basis to create a track record of solid business growth that can't easily be tumbled. As a Private Label coffee client big or small, you have 3 roasting plants, multiple brands, and custom production at your disposal.

Click Private Label Coffee to connect with Jo's parents, Specialty Java Inc. which produces several popular control brands and many private label coffee brands of gourmet specialty coffee in three separate roasting facilities, utilizing state-of-the-art private labeling systems. We offer a variety of custom roasting/packaging options for private label branding.

  • 1 “I have a tasted a lot good things throughout my chef career. You guy’s rock, keep up the great work that you do, and I will continue to spread the good word...” ( Anthony Rella, Executive Chef Ridgeview Medical Center Waconia, MN )

  • 2 “Great coffee! Great Service! What else can I say? 5 Gold Stars all around!” ( Don Cannon Snoqualmie, WA )

  • 3Thank you for selling delicious java!!” (Carol RoJeune Rollins-Monroe Denver, CO )

  • 4 “You guys are great and your coffee is awesome!” ( Randy and Judy Lightfoot Petosky, MI )

    Read 5000+ Positive Coffee Reviews

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